Real Estate Agent Friendly Approach

  • Seek to keep Real Estate Agent commissions whole
  • Maintain speed of real estate process
  • Home Sale/Purchase is deferred only temporarily, and switched to a lease while bank mortgage rates are high
  • Allows your home Buyer/Seller client to explore a smart financial alternative
  • Bring a home that is differentiated with a unique financial feature
  • Encourage legal reps to confirm full terms that protect any downstream unplanned events

Why Now

  • Mortgage rates have climbed above real estate appreciation rates, making it more cost effective to “rent the home” versus to “rent the bank’s money” to own the home
  • As a result, real estate residential market has slowed significantly (25 year low)
  • Clients are increasingly gravitating to traditional Rentals but have to forego home equity

‘Rent My Mortgage’ Collaboration with RE Agents

  • Work with Real Estate agents to convert the home Sale to a Lease
  • Work with Buyer/Seller Legal representatives on commercial terms
  • Provide Leasing documents tailored for this approach