A Powerful New Home Asset has Arisen…

Your Low Rate Mortgage – Earn!

Gain hundreds of dollars per month. You likely have a mortgage rate below 4% if you obtained your mortgage over the past 2-15 years. Your low rate mortgage has now become a powerful asset to create income when planning to sell you home.

Rent My Mortgage makes this income a reality for you!

Typical Certificates of Deposit and Treasury Bill yields are 5% approximately. Renting your mortgage will bring 6.5%. This is better than the market yield, creating hundreds of dollars per month higher gains via a cash flow.

Home Sellers Rent their Mortgages by temporarily Leasing their homes. At the end of the Lease, the Buyer has the option to purchase the home. With Mortgage Rental, the Home Seller has minimal ‘landlord’ responsibilities, making it easy.

Home Seller

‘Rent My Mortgage’ Services for Home Sellers

  • Calculate Your Financial Gains from Mortgage Rental (we run the numbers for you)
  • Convert Your Home Selling to the Interim Mortgage Rental Home Lease
  • Guide the Legal and Commercial Terms of Renting Out Your Mortgage
  • Collaborate with Your Real Estate Agent and Legal Representative
  • Work as the Trusted Guide with You and Home Leaser